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Friday, May 9, 2014

ROM | Parveen + Mervin, Putrajaya KL

Parveen + Mervin had their ROM in February in Putrajaya. 

14th February 2014, Valentines day =)

Both of them are doctors! Actual day is in May.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Pre-wedding | Feefeev + Oliver, Melaka

Been quite a long time didn't do pre-wedding in Melaka. This time, I've got a chance to so it again.

The couple Feefeev + Oliver. A very friendly couple. We had a great time in Jonker area, Heeren Street, MGSS, ACS, Stadium Hang Jebat.

We even had a special theme shoot - Racing. Oliver is a race car fanatic. Their first dating was in Sepang International Circuit, watching F1! Haha!

In the end of this album, there are racing theme photos, whereby Oliver suit up in racing suit and Feefeev dress like a race girl!

Let's enjoy this series!