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Monday, May 26, 2014

Pre-Wedding | Parveen + Mervin, Fraser's Hill, Pahang

Destination pre-wedding at Fraser's hill, Pahang.

Parveen + Mervin had me as their ROM photographer earlier. After that,  they are thinking to have a pre-wedding photography session by me.

After some discussion, we go for Fraser's Hill. It is a 2 days 1 night shooting, I would like to get some night photography for the couple.

Make up session by Chinn Ling. 2nd photographer by CG Leong.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding | KeeFong + SeeKeat, KL

Our bride Kee Fong is a teacher! =) Our groom is See Keat, See Keat is the elder brother of  CJ (bride back in Dec 2012)

Groom place is at Sri Damansara, Bride place is at Crystal Crown Hotel, Kepong. It's a luncheon reception, Tai Thong Odean Restaurant, Kepong.

I'm glad they have decided to have me for their wedding.